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Coolant Filters

วันที่: 28-03-2017


Surprisingly, 53 percent of all catastrophic, premature diesel engine failures are directly related to improper cooling system maintenance techniques and habits. Providing the correct water, antifreeze, filters and supplemental coolant additives is critical to coolant system life.

WIX has applied years of research and development in filter media technology to create the industry’s highest performing coolant filters. Coolant filters help maintain proper heat transfer by filtering solid contaminants, like rust and sand particles, from the coolant and by minimizing corrosion and deposits in the cooling system. This results in a clean, well-functioning coolant system, proper heat dissipation, and engine efficiency through improved heat conductivity. WIX coolant filters also provide a method to introduce necessary supplement Coolant Additives when required.

Field-testing is also vital to proper coolant system maintenance. Maintenance crews should take advantage of available field test strips, as well as full laboratory coolant-analysis programs. Test strips provide a quick and simple method to check cooling systems on-site to make sure they are properly protected; a full laboratory analysis provides a complete and in-depth test procedure that can aid in troubleshooting, verifying the service interval for the system, and testing if the filtration products and/or the chemical additives are performing and protecting the way they are expected.

WIX offers filters, additives, test strips, and field expertise to assist fleets in determining the proper coolant maintenance schedule and procedures.

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