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Air Filters

วันที่: 28-03-2017


It only takes eight ounces of dirt to destroy the engine of a heavy duty machine. This fact makes WIX air filters, which are 99.9 percent efficient, critical to the life of an engine.

There are many components to consider when selecting air filters. One of the most important elements is the type of sealing gasket. WIX premium air filters use more expensive compounds like silicone, rather than foam or rubber gaskets, in order to assure a proper seal under harsh conditions.

When selecting air filters take a close look at the media or paper. WIX premium air filters feature embossed pleats and pleat stabilization beads that help the filter trap more dirt and last longer.

Another key element of heavy duty air filters is the end caps, which should be designed with structure and fit in mind. WIX premium heavy duty air filters often go to the added expense of adding metal end caps with handles, which allows for ease of installation and helps ensure that the filter becomes one with the housing to protect the engine.

Another innovation is WIX’s ability to produce air filters with precise embossed pleats, stabilization beads and various media basis weights designed to maximize the filtration media surface area. With greater media surface area, filters can trap more contaminants while maintaining low air flow restriction for efficient engine performance.

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