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Heavy Duty Filters

วันที่: 28-03-2017


Our history has deep roots in heavy duty filtration. We understand what keeps maintenance managers up at night and we know how filtration can significantly impact the long-term profitability of an entire fleet.

WIX premium filters enable the lowering of long-term costs by lengthening maintenance intervals while continuing to protect vital engine parts as well as or better than traditional filters changed at shorter intervals.

That’s why WIX heavy duty filters can withstand whatever the industry demands. Testing and benchmarking proves it. And, our experienced engineers, who are responsible for more than 30 U.S. patents, ensure WIX stays ahead of every technological change in the industry.

Off-highway heavy-duty construction engines add another element to the equation as they demand even greater filter performance in efficiency, capacity and structural integrity in order to combat their harsh working environment.

New innovations in filtration, including new forms of synthetic/cellulose filtration media, vastly improve particulate retention efficiency without sacrificing filter capacity. This is significant, as it is critical that heavy-duty filters remove as much contaminant as possible without restricting the flow of lubricants, air or fuel to vital engine components. Compared with traditional organic cellulose media types, engineers can more easily customize the performance characteristics of the new synthetic media to provide the best flow vs. restriction profiles, efficiency capability, and contaminant holding capacities.

Another innovation in filtration is WIX’s ability to produce air filters with precise embossed pleats, stabilization beads and various media basis weights designed to maximize the filtration media surface area. With greater media surface area, filters can trap more contaminants while maintaining low air flow restriction for efficient engine performance.

When coupled with new high-performance lubricants and fuels, today’s heavy-duty filters can be even more powerful engine-maintenance tools. Pairing premium filters with cleaner burning fuels and high-quality lubricants that contain fewer contaminants can exponentially increase both engine performance and the time between necessary lubricant and filter changes.

Although premium filtration products cost slightly more up front, they can produce long-term savings. When compared with the cost of lost productivity, engine overhauls or new vehicles, paying a little more for the innovations inside premium filters is low-cost insurance that pays great dividends.

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